God is oceanic, infinite, unbounded. We have fallen apart from God because we have become identified with boundaries, with the boundaries of the body and the boundaries of the mind. Those boundaries are keeping us away. Just get rid of the boundaries. I’m not saying to get rid of your body; the body is perfectly good, use it. It is your house, live in it. But don’t think you are the body. You are in the body, but you are not the body. You are in the mind, but you are not the mind. And the moment you become disidentified with those boundaries, suddenly the gestalt changes, you start feeling unbounded. And that’s what godliness is. You start becoming oceanic, vast.

Then there is no need to seek and search for God anywhere – you become it. And that is the only way to know God. The only way to know God is to become God. There is no other way. One cannot know God without becoming God.