The word ” Meditation” and ” Medicine” come from the same root. Medicine means that which heals the physical and meditation means that which heals the spiritual. Both are healing powers.
Another thing to be remembered : the world ” Healing” and the word ” Whole” also come from the same root. To be healed simply means to be whole, not missing anything. Another connotation of the word – the word “Holy” also comes from the same root. Healing, whole, holy are not different in their root. Happyho also provides best Meditation and Tarot classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area
Meditation heals, makes you whole: and to be whole is to be holy. Holiness has nothing to do with belongings to any religion, belonging to any church. It simply means that inside you, you entire complete; nothing is missing, you are fulfilled. You are what existence wanted you to be. You have realised your potential.
Go on doing Meditation! You will get  over it- and the reasons are obvious. There are two of Dynamic Meditation. First, it is a vigorous exercise and your body has to get attuned to it. So for three or four days you will feel that the whole body is aching with any new exercise it will happen. But after four days you will get over it and your body will feel stronger than ever.
But this is not very basic. The basic thing is goes deeper; it is what modern psychologist have come to know. You body is not simply physical. In your body, in your muscles, in the structure of your body many other things have entered through suppression. If you suppress anger, the poison goes into the body. It goes into the muscles, it gets into the blood. If you suppress anything, it is not only a mental thing, it is also physical one – because you are not really divided. You are not body and mind; You are ” Body Mind” – Psychosomatic. You are both together. So whatever is done with your body reaches the mind and whatever is done with the mind reaches the body, as body and mind are two ends of the same entity.