Let’s get to it right away!

1. Sometimes your therapist will piss you off

There will be times when you’ll be sitting there with your puppy eyes, hoping that your therapist gives you the answer to the question but he/she won’t because they want you to come up with it on your own. And those are the times when your therapist will piss you off. Other times could be when all this while you somewhat unknowingly living with something and you didn’t want to accept it, but your therapist can’t help but point it out. 

2. You might be frustrated by the lack of concrete answers

Be prepared to be frustrated. Sometimes you will feel like you are getting nowhere, that you only come back to treat the same issues that just reappear in other situations. “I DON’T CARE ABOUT WHERE MY ISSUE COMES FROM, GIVE ME SOME ACTUAL TOOLS SO I CAN MAKE IT DISAPPEAR,” you’ll want to scream at your therapist. This is normal. This also means that you are growing. Happy Ho organizes best Meditation and Tarot classes in Noida and Delhi NCR area in India.

3. Therapists are just like you, sometimes right and sometimes wrong

Just because he/she was wrong a couple of times, this does not mean that you should take away from them the right to right. They are human just like you, humans trying to understand a complete stranger. So of course there will be a couple of hits and a couple of misses. 

4. Even after you are in therapy, you’ll hurt sometimes

Being in therapy does not mean that you’ll avoid all the rough patches or never be sad again. Yes, you will hit a few rough patches but this time with more awareness and kindness towards yourself. Therapy does not guarantee you a lifetime of happiness and just happiness but a lifetime of resilience. 

5. Therapy gives you a space where you can better understand trauma

If you’ve been through a lot of trauma, therapy will be like re-living it over and over again but in a safe environment and with a person you trust. You will also gain a lot of insight from connections that you make about past trauma, behaviors, and thoughts.

6. Being in therapy allows you to help those around you better

Once you are in therapy, you’ll be able to understand those around you, be kinder and more compassionate towards them. And all of this will come from a place of therapy. 

7. Going to therapy is like finally sitting down to read your autobiography

Going to therapy for the first time is like writing and writing nonstop for your whole life, and finally sitting down to read it aloud to a stranger. It makes you cringe, and smile, and cry. You start to find out how to read as you go, so you’re always connected with your life as the book you are writing.

8. Going to therapy might be the most self-compassionate act you do towards yourself

It might be the most thing you’ve done for yourself. 

And with this we come to the end of the series! Let us know if you have any questions or sharings. We’d love to hear!