Ordinarily we are in a feverish state – active, but feverishly. If you become passive the fever will be lost. If you become passive, nondoing, if you relax within yourself, activity will be lost, fever will not be there. You will feel a little dull, you will feel as if your awareness is decreasing. It is not decreasing; only the feverish glow is decreasing. Happyho also provides best Meditation and Tarot classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area
And it is good, so don’t be afraid of it, Don’t think that this passivity is not real. This is being said by your mind which needs and wants the feverish activity and the glow that comes through fever. Fever is not awareness, but the fever  you can have a very unhealthy awareness, alertness. That is diseased, don’t hanker for it. Allow it go go fall into passivity.
In the beginning it will look like your awareness is decreasing rather than increasing. Allow it to decrease, because whatsoever decreases with passivity was feverish, that is why it decreases. Allow it to decrease. A moment will come when you will gain a balance. In that point of balance thre will be no increase and do decrease. That is a healthy point now the fever has gone.
On that point of balance, whatsoever awareness you have that is real, that is not feverish. And if you can wait for that  moment to come…it is difficult because in the beginning you feel that you losing grip you becoming really dead; your activity, you alertness, everything has gone – you are relaxing into death. It appears that way because whatsoever you know about life is feverish. It is not really life but just a fever just a state of tension, just a state of hyperactivity. So in the beginning …..And you know only one state  – this state of fever. You don’t know anything else so how can you compare?