Moses has religion, Jesus has religion, the seers of the vedas have tasted religion because they are silent people but the moment you communicate your silence it becomes words and loses all truth.
Silence is incommunicable; it cannot be communicated through language at all. Yes, there is a way of communion- that is what sannyas is all about. Getting in tune with someone who has already become silent make you silent. Just getting in harmony with a master, the disciple starts becoming the same. Just sitting by the side of the master, doing nothing, one starts imbibing the spirit. Nothing is said, nothing is heard, but a flame is transferred. The zen people cal it a transmission beyond scriptures. Happyho also provide best Meditation classes and yoga classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
True religion is always transmission beyond words, beyond philosophies. Hence the true religion can only be experienced with an enlightened, awakened master. You can only be experienced with Jesus, With a buddha, with a Zarathustra, with a Lao Tzu, but not through the words. Although the words still belong to buddha, the omen something that cannot be said is said, it becomes false. And the is once of the problems man has to solve. We remain confined by theories,  ideologies, words; christianity, Hinduism, Mohammedanism, Buddhism are all words now. Once when a man like Buddha was alive, the silence was there. And for the disciple even those words were significant because they were but listening to the words, they are listening to the source of the words, But now the source is no longer available, only words are there.
Words are like pictures. A picture of Buddha or a jJesus or Jesus is not Buddha or Jesus. You have to come in communion with an authentic, a. alive, master.
And the only definition of the authentic and the alive master is that he is never traditional he is always rebellious. So that can become a demarcation line: whenever you find a traditional saint he is phony. Otherwise he cannot be traditional. Rebellion is the very spirit of a true master- utter rebellion.