Nandita Kochar
Think of your aura like a magnet that pulls all the vibrational energies in the physical field surrounding you.
Everyday, we come in contact with people whose energy we attract, intentionally or unintentionally. For instance, you are having a great day when you suddenly bump into a friend who is sad and anxious. After he is done talking and leaves, you suddenly feel heavier and a little down. You feel different. This is the time to ask yourself this question, “Is this my energy, or did I just pick up someone else’s and consider it to be my own?” Happyho also provides best Meditation and Tarot classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area
And thus, it is important to cleanse your aura, freeing it of foreign vibrations and negative energies. Your aura, when affected negatively, can experience and exhibit stress, fragmentation, and a loss of luminosity. When it’s clear, you feel safe, energized, and spiritually protected. Your emotions feel balanced. And it’s easier to manifest the things you desire.
When it comes to getting rid of the bad energies or vibes, the following methods can be of help:

  1. Playing Healing Instruments like singing bowls, Tibetan bells, gongs and conch produce powerful vibrations that cleanse your aura. Take any instrument whose sound you like and are comfortable playing. And then carry it to a quiet place where you must focus on its sound till the vibrations are powerful enough to interact with you. Repeat till the sound dissipates all negative energies from your aura.
  2. Chanting “Aum” numerous times purifies the aura and connects the person to the universal life force since “Aum” is the sound that contains all the other sounds in totality.
  3. Taking Warm Bath by adding three tablespoons of crystal or sea salt helps keep the negativity at bay. Soak yourself and imagine the water percolating through the different layers of your aura, removing all the negativity from your body, leaving it cleansed and bright.
  4. Smudging The Aura is a practice of the ancient civilisations like the Indigenous Americans and Egyptians. To do it, light the tip of a sage bundle (or made of other herbs) until it is smouldering; then pass it over the object or person to be cleansed, ensuring that the smoke engulfs the object/person.

Ideally people should clean their aura every single day; make it an essential part of daily spiritual hygiene just like brushing teeth is part of physical hygiene. By practicing it daily, you tend to protect your inner being against emotional, spiritual, physical illnesses, along with ensuring complete wellness.
In case you wish to learn more about your aura in particular and how it is functioning at the moment, then please feel free to book a session with our Master Healer at Happy Ho, Dr. Nonah Khanna!