The love story between Emmanuel Macron frontrunner for French presidency who married his teacher and 24 years senior to him, Brigitte Trogneux who is all set to be the first lady of France appears unusual to many.
We often hear stories about love affairs where couples have hugely different age groups. Actually a loving heart needs no boundaries, it can love any individual of any age, cast, creed and appearance.
There is a huge Devine design behind Emmanuel and Brigitte relationship. We only know to relate with our physical bodies and so we feel how come a boy 24 years younger get attracted to an elderly lady.  Similarly a lady already married with three children in her thirties can love a student who is many many years younger to him.  the answer to this lies in going beyond body and understanding the deeper energy formations which are arising out of our astral bodies and not physical ones. In east, especially races who lived between Himalayas and Indian ocean have conclusively highlighted the importance of “Suksham Sharir” or the astral body. Our astral body stores every memory of our past lives, good or bad experiences which influence behaviours of our current lives. Happyho also provide best Meditation and yoga classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
Mr. Macron and Ms. Trogneux must have had something unfinished of their past lives and when they met each other the astral bodies identified each other and responded in a behaviour which appeared most unusual in their  current lives. Whereas the astral body is beyond age so there is a great conformity and acceptance at the deeper level for this relationship to blossom. It is possible that Emmanuel Macron is all set to be the french president because that was an unfinished agenda of his past life with Brigitte Trogeneux. So I won’t be surprised if he becomes the President of France and She becomes the first lady of the country. Even if he loose she is already the first lady of his heart.
Every thing is this world happens for a reason, much is mystery because we have not travelled inwards in our being to explore the body within body. The life energy  within us which is capable of taking us to higher realms of our existence. the Happy Ho moment comes with the confluence of the two energies Yin and Yang, male or female and both exist within us. When we meet our soul mate our inner energies communicate and so the communication goes beyond our physical bodies.
The Persian story of Laila and Majnu is a glorious example of this beautiful confluence of energies which did not require physical bodies to meet. Distance between the physical bodies is immaterial. It was because of this Laila got bruises whenever someone hurt Majnu. She died the moment Majnu died the energies left the body but the insane people kept dealing with their physical bodies.  The irony is today they are being worshipped in Rajasthan in India where a temple is made on their tombs.