See what is. See what is not. Follow the true way.

Gautama the Buddha has given to the world the most psychological religion. It is incomparable; no other religion even comes close to it. Its heights, its depths, are tremendous. And the reason why Buddha succeeded in giving such a beautiful vision of life is very simple: he did not believe; he inquired, he explored. He did not believe in the tradition, he did not believe in the scriptures, he did not believe in the priests.

This was one of his fundamentals: that unless you know, you don’t know. You can borrow knowledge, you can become knowledgeable, well informed, a scholar, a pundit, a professor, but you will not be a seer. Deep down the ignorance will persist and will affect your life. Deep down you will remain the same childish self, immature, ungrounded, uncentered, unintegrated. You will not be an individual, you won’t have any authenticity. You will be pseudo, false, phony.

It is a quantum leap into the unknown. When you don’t believe in the tradition, when you don’t believe in the scriptures, when you don’t believe in anything expect your own experience, you are going into the unknown all alone. It needs guts, it needs courage. And only a courageous person can be truly religious. Happy Ho organizes best Meditation and Tarot classes in Noida and Delhi NCR area in India.

Cowards are there in the churches, in the temples, in the mosques in millions, but they don’t create any religious beauty, any religious fragrance in the world. They don’t make the world more beautiful, more alive, more sensitive. They don’t create anything. They only go on doing formalities, rituals. They themselves are dead and they go on deceiving others; they themselves are deceived.

Borrowed knowledge creates great deception because you start feeling as if you know – and that “as if” is a big “as if”.

Truth liberates, belief blinds. Truth liberates because it has to be yours; it has to be an inner experience, an encounter with that which it.

Buddha is a nonbeliever. He is not an atheist like Karl Marx or Friedrich Nietzsche; neither is he a theist like all the priests of all the religions. He is an agnostic. He neither believes nor disbelieves; he is upon. That is his great gift to the world: to be open to truth.

Go utterly naked, without any conclusions, without any ideology, any prejudice. Otherwise there is every possibility that you will project your own idea. You will not see that which is, you will see only that which you want to see. You will be creating your own reality which is bound to be false. Reality has not to be invented, it has to be discovered. It is already there. And remember, it is not the reality which is hidden, it is your eyes which are covered with layers of dust.

Buddha gave to the world a non-metaphysical religion, a psychological religion. He simply helps you to go beyond mind. He helps you to understand the mind because it is only through understands that transcendence happens.