Whenever a sexual revolution takes place in a country, the idea of sexual liberation emerges – to be able to have sex with whoever one wants (with consent of course) and with less embarrassment or shame. 

With such a movement, as one group emerges free, another group doesn’t. This group is of people who do not wish to or are not able to have as much sex as the society now expects them to have. 

Sexual revolutions are aimed at freeing us from judgement and making us feel some ease around the idea of making love. And yet quite ironically, such revolutions do end up judging people who do not have multiple partners or an active sex life. The problem of difficulty around sex still exists, only the targets have changed.

And a very highlighted member of the latter group is someone in their 20s who still hasn’t gone to bed with someone other than their parents. I can next type a statistical number here about how many virgins are reported to exist in our country but that doesn’t change the narrative, of how each virgin is made to feel inadequate or incompetent or incomplete. 

The goal of true sexual revolution should not be to move from one extreme (celibacy) to another (have sex with whoever you want however you want). It should be to set a continuum between these two extremes, and let people be wherever they want along this line or be completely away from it. It should let us honour ourselves like we truly wish to do, even in bed.