Swami Chaitanya Keerti
In one of his talks, Osho proclaims that the days of Tantra are coming, and the future belongs to Tantra. In the past, Tantra did flourish in some way, but mostly it was misunderstood because of embracing sex into Tantric practices. Tantra was never against sex–-because it is our basic energy. We cannot suppress it. Any kind of suppression or negation of this energy leads to all kinds of perversions. Most of the ordinary yogis and meditators in the past and in the present time have been known to suffer from sexual perversions because of their attitude toward sex. They did not live a natural life, they imposed celibacy on themselves, and in some weak moments, this energy exploded in the most unnatural ways. Such yogis and meditators have been condemned as Yoga-Bhrashta–-the perverts. All this perversion happened due to lack of understanding Tantra in its authentic way. Happyho also provide best Meditation classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
There are stories that thousands of Tantrikas were murdered by Raja Bhoj, so the genuine Tantrikas who really knew the secrets of Tantra had to go underground to continue their practice. This was not something that society could understand. Society accepted and respected sadhus and sannyasins who were thought to be celibate, and it failed to understand male and female sannyasins living together in intimacy.  Today the society accepts Shiva and Parvati together–-and worships them as inseparable–-but in the past when they were living in the human body, they were ridiculed, condemned and opposed even by some so-called godly people.
There is a mythological story that one day, Vishnu and Brahma had some argument with each other and could not resolve it. They thought of taking their disagreement to Mahayogi Shiva’s house to request him to mediate in their dispute. They found the guard at the door sleeping and the doors were wide open, so they went in. They found Shiva and his consort Parvati making love. So deeply engrossed was Shiva in his partner that he did not notice these important visitors. They had to wait for hours, growing more and more annoyed, they left. Finally, they cursed Shiva for his impoliteness. “From now on, you will be remembered on earth in the form of a union between the male and the female sexual organs.”
This is a story of a curse, but in reality, it is a story of blessing for humanity. The blessing is that Shiva made the world understand the true meaning of Tantra and accept our sex-energy as the manifestation of life-force with reverence. He taught that with meditation, this energy gets transformed into ecstasy and Samadhi. Osho’s book title From Sex to Super-Consciousness that created controversy for decades is basically projecting the same vision in modern language, what Lord Shiva propounded through his Vigyan Bhairav Tantra in a mystical language. The ignorant media and pervert priests of the whole world kept condemning Osho as the Sex-Guru, but the fact is that both the Enlightened Ones –Shiva and Osho–have not taught any denial of sex, rather they taught a reverential acceptance. This energy is a gift of God and should be treated as such. It is a crime to pervert it. Understanding it with deep meditation can bring out metamorphosis and one can experience Shiva consciousness
So it is really a blessing that Osho’s prophecy about Tantra is coming true and a new breeze of acceptance is being felt around the world.
One of Osho’s senior disciple Ma Anand Sarita writes about it: In our modern world, Tantra is experiencing a renaissance. However, since people have very little idea of exactly how to interpret it there is a tendency to make an unrecognizable stew containing a little of everything. There is also a tendency in our Western world to focus almost exclusively on the sexual interpretations of Tantra. This is a natural reaction due to the fact that we are just emerging from centuries of sexual repression. When more people have experienced the benefits of Tantra as a life approach this need to focus almost exclusively on the sexual aspect of it will become more balanced.
“Tantra is the only science which teaches you the expression of sex – not as indulgence, but as a spiritual discipline … transformation of a biological phenomenon into spirituality. ” – Osho