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Chimpanzee and Siberian Lynx are Best Friends

Vali is a chimpanzee and Sutra is a nine week old Siberian lynx. The unlikely pair met at the Myrtle Beach Safari in Myrtle Beach South Carolina. Sutra was the only child of Rudraksha, a girl who was having her first baby ever. She was only able to care for him for about one month, then Animal trainer and wildlife educator China York came into the picture, taking over Sutra’s care. China was also the full-time caregiver to Vali the chimpanzee. Vali is a playful guy of 20 months who loves to meet new playmates. Vali the chimp observed the care that China had to provide to Sutra, watching as the tiny Lynx had to be fed from a bottle every four hours, so Vali, living full-time with China had to join in. Even in the wee hours of the morning he and China would wake up when the alarm went off. They would warm the bottles and give them to Sutra, this went on and the two strange bedfellows became bonded to each other. With their constant time and interactions they soon developed games of hide and seek and tag. Sutra has become very affectionate to Vali, rubbing him and licking him in greeting.