Religions always divide you into two: the evil and the divine. They accept the divine and are against the evil – the evil has to be destroyed. So if someone really follows them, he will come to conclude that the moment you destroy the devil,  God is destroyed. But no one really follows them – no one can follow them because the very teaching is absurd. So what is everyone doing? Every one is just deceiving. That is why there is so much hypocrisy. That hypocrisy is created by religion. You cannot do what so ever they are teaching you to do, so you become a hypocrite. If you follow them you will die; i f you do not follow them you feel guilty the you are irreligious. So what to do? Happyho also provide best Meditation classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
The cunning mind makes a compromise. It goes not paying lip service to them, saying, “I am following you, ” but it goes not doing what so ever it wants to do. You continue your anger, you continue your sex, you continue your greed, but you go on saying that greed is bad, anger is bad, sex is bad – that it is a sin. this is hypocrisy. The whole world has become hypocritical, no man is honest. Unless these dividing religions disappear, no man can be honest. This will look contradictory because all the religions are teaching to be honest, but they are the foundation stones of all dishonesty. The make you dishonest; because they teach you to do impossible things, which you cannot do, you become hypocrites.
Tantra accepts you in your totality, in your wholeness, because Tantra says, either accept wholly or reject wholly; there is no in between. A man is a whole, and organic whole. You cannot divide it. you cannot say, ” We will not accept this” because that which you reject is organically joint to that which you accept.