Reiki Healing is termed as form of energy therapy, which despite its skepticism in various groups is immensely growing in popularity.It includes transfer of energy through hands. Reiki’s practitioners’ backs the procedure to treat several emotional states and other conditions.Here in this article we will talk about some essential points about Reiki Healing in detail.Recent studies have also witnessed Reiki Healing to reduce pain, along with being effective in the treatment of various critical diseases.

A lot of hospitals in Europe and US offer Reiki Healing treatments, even if the insurance doesn’t covers it.

As per Reiki practitioners, the therapeutic effects are facilitated by directing the Universal energy, popularly known as qi, (pronounced as “chi”). In India, the term is called “prana”-same energy elaborated in a tai chi exercise. The life force, Universal energy is believed to surround every human in this world. Happyho also provides best Meditation and Tarot classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area

This life force energy permeates the human body. Reiki Healing experts point out that, while this universal form of energy cannot be measured by modern scientific techniques, it can always be felt by people who tune them according to it.

Reiki Healing allegedly confirms to offer mind and body relaxation, along with assisting in body’s natural healing process, and developing mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Also, Reiki Healing is known to persuade deep relaxation, helping people to deal with difficulties and life problems, relieving emotional stress, and the improvement of overall human well being.

Reiki Healing is best held and highly effective in a natural, peaceful setting, but it is not mandatory as it can be conceded anywhere at any time. The patient has to sit in a comfortable position or lie down on a table top, fully clothed. There can be soft relaxing music- not necessary, as it depends on the patient’s liking.

The reiki practitioner puts his hands lightly on specific areas of limbs, head, and torso using various hand shapes, for about two to five minutes. The position of the practitioner’s hands can move over twenty different spaces all over the body.

In case of a particular injury, like a skin burn, practitioner’s hands are lightly held just above the wound.

While the expert holds his hands carefully over the person’s body, there is a transfer of energy that takes place. Throughout this time, the practitioner’s hands need to be tingling and warm. Both the hand’s position is said to stay constant until the practitioner believes that the life force energy has stopped its flow.

When the Reiki expert feels that the energy flow or heat, in the hands has stopped, he removes the hands and places it over a different part of the body.

People who undergo Reiki Healing treatment describe it to be “intensely relaxing.”

Reiki Healing has been induced to treat various critical diseases and problems including, anxiety, depression, cancer, chronic pain, heart disease, fatigue syndromes, autism, Crohn’s disease, degenerative disorders, infertility, and more.

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