If you have a penchant for greenery but your life makes you live in a metropolis where you face space crunch and your balcony too doesn’t allow much of the heavy gardening, Poonam Jauhari of Lucknow has the right solution for you.
She is the lady with the green fingers with a passion for vertical gardening in her own very special way.
She has these murals and specially designed pots that hold special plants which need very little care and can flourish beautifully while indoors under artificial light.
Poonam had always been a passionate gardner all her life and when her husband Ajay Jauhari retired a few years back, both of them decided to follow their passion with full force and provide greenery around themsleves and friends too who shared their passion for green indoors. Happyho also provide best tarot reading services in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
Thus the husband and wife team set up a workshop at their home in Lucknow and before long they were selling their pots and murals like hot cakes.
She also take orders for special designs and make pots according to individual demands and plant, of course with her expert consultation in tow.
According to Poonam theses plants need very little care as they are hydrated and washed with water sprays and the nourishment too is in concentreted form which is done with adding it to the water that is used to hydrate the plants.
As we all know plants help in keeping air cleaner inside our vlog homes too, her idea of home decor ‘Prayaas’ is going great in Lucknow.
This is an inspiring example for our senior citizens as in her own words ,”while you are in your sixties you are retired from your regular job but you are still full of energy and zeal to do a lot in ife. I decided to follow my passion for gardening and provide a new way to decorate our limited spaces that we have in modern times.”
In addition to giving her life a meaning this passion of hers has turned Poonam a happier person. The planning, executing, tending and then handing over  a plant is synonyms to sending a child into the world to fly and find it’s own sky. The fulfillment and peace she feels after each successful execution and to see her plants flourishing acts as another step towards emotional well being.
Her pots are made of fibre so are light in weight and thus can be carried around with ease in and around the house. You may change their place according to your convenience and preference while in keeping in mind the weather conditions as well