My message is love, my religion is love. In a way it is very simple, it has no complexity about it no rituals, no dogmas, no hypothetical philosophy. It is a very simple and direct approach toward life. The small word love can contain it. My sannyasins have to be in a constant love affair with existence. It is not a question of whom you love, it is immaterial to whom your love is addressed. What matters is that you should love twenty-four hours a day, just as you breathe.

As breathing needs no object, love needs no object. Sometimes you are breathing with a friend, and sometimes you are breathing by the side of a tree, and sometimes you are breathing while swimming in a pool. You should Iove in the same way. Love should be the interior core of your breathing; it should be as natural as breathing. In fact, love has the same relationship to the soul as breathing has to the body.