Life is a miracle. In fact there is no explanation for it, for why it should be. Neither the philosopher nor the theologian, nor even the scientist, has been able to explain why life should exist at all. And I don’t think it is ever going to be explained; the mystery will remain. The mystery cannot be demystified  because it is not a question of knowing more; in fact, life is something like a miracle. It should not exist but it does.

What is the need of roses and lotuses and thousands of flowers? There seems to be no intrinsic necessity. If they were not there, nothing would be missed. If we were not here, the earth would go round and round the sun without missing us at all. Existence would continue the same way. The stars would be there and the moon would rise and the trees would grow and everything would be as it is. But life has happened – not only life but consciousness, love. These are all miracles upon miracles.