– People live small lives, very ordinary, of no significance and meaning, of no joy, of surprise. They simply go on moving in a repetitive circle, doing the same thing again and again every day from birth to death. That is not the right way to live. That is a slow way of committing suicide.

The right way to live is to live dangerously, always exploring and always reaching for the stars. Then life becomes naturally meditative because each moment brings so much surprise, and each moment is so new that you cannot think anything: you have to encounter it.

The repetitive person can think about his life, can plan his life, because he is predictable. Everybody knows what he is going to do tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. But the meditative person is unpredictable; not only to others, to himself also. He does not know what is going to happen in the next moment; hence there is no question of planning, thinking. He lives an open life; he welcomes every moment, fresh, young. And with that welcoming heart one becomes aware, slowly, slowly, of something that has been called God, truth, nirvana, enlightenment – different names for the same thing.