Life can be a calculation. Then it is prose, then it is mundane, then it is arithmetic, then it is logic. But everything is dry – no flowers, no dance, no song. One does not live but only drag.

But life can also be lived as poetry, as love, as music, as celebration. And it is our choice to live it. Both alternatives are always open.

Man is born as freedom. Man is not born with a fate. If there was fate, there would be no freedom; if there was fate, man would be a machine. A car cannot be an airplane, an airplane cannot be a computer, a computer cannot be an oven. They have their fates, everything is determined, predetermined; they have to follow a certain program.

But man is not born like a machine; man is born as absolute freedom. At each step he has to choose. And this is the most fundamental choice: whether to live as prose or poetry, as logic or as love, as mathematics or as music, as matter or as consciousness, to live a mundane life or to live a sacred blissfulness.

Become aware of it and choose diligently, choose intelligently. Let your life become poetry, only then do you know what godliness is. Godliness is known only by the poets, mystics, painters, singers, dancers – and only in those moments when the painter forgets that he is a painter, only in those moments when the musician forgets that he is a musician, only in those rare spaces when the dancer disappears into his dance.