It is good that in the West, the TV is now being called the idiot box; in fact only idiots sit before it. The box is not as much of an idiot as the people who sit before it. And they go on sitting… Now the average American sits before the idiot box five to six hours per day, glued to the chair. If this goes on and on, America is going to become the stupidest country in the world. They have to somehow get rid of this nonsense.

And what do they go on watching? The same murder and the same violence and rape and the same old stories, the same triangles: two women, one man or two men, one woman. It is such stupidity! Man has been writing the same story again and again and there are fools who go on watching it. The story is the same, the plot is the same, the strategy is the same. There is nothing new in it.

It is far more interesting to watch your own mind because it is far more insane and far more inventive too. If you simply go on watching it you will be surprised. You will find more postures for lovemaking than any psychologist has ever discovered… You will defeat all Masters and Johnsons, and Kinsey reports, and the old master Vatsyayana and all his postures for lovemaking. Your mind is perfectly capable of inventing such absurd postures. And the mind is so interesting! You will do all kinds of violence and all kinds of murders and you will commit suicide and everything will happen – simply go on watching. And the miracle is, you don’t have to pay for it!

Then slowly, slowly, this whole scene starts disappearing. As you become more alert it starts disappearing, as you become more conscious it loses its grip on you. One day the greatest miracle in life happens: the mind simply disappears and there is vast emptiness and nothing to observe. You are left in absolute solitude – that is meditation – and out of that solitude thousands of flowers of bliss, of beauty, of truth, of godliness, bloom.