The love I am talking about has nothing to do with our so-called relationships. Our relationships are arbitrary. The love that is eternal relates, but it never creates relationships. It relates: it relates to trees, to the sun, to the moon, to the wind, to people, to animals, to the earth, to rocks. It is a twenty-four-hour-a-day relating, but it does not create any relationship.

Relating is like a river: it is a flow, it is a movement, it is dynamic, alive, and it is a dance. Relationship is something stagnant, something that has gone stale, something that has stopped growing, something stunted. And whenever there is something which has stopped growing you start feeling bored, you start feeling sad. Despair surrounds you and great anguish arises in you because you start losing contact with life.

Life is always river like, and now you are tethered to something — a wife, a husband, a friend. Whenever one is tethered, one becomes angry because nobody wants to lose one’s freedom. Man’s greatest joy is in being free. And the stupidity of the human mind is such that it goes on continuously creating situations in which that freedom is lost again and again. Then you are like a bird, but your soul suffers because you cannot fly — and what is a bird which cannot fly? What is a being who is not in a flow, who is not growing?

Being is alive when it is becoming. Being is becoming. If you stop becoming, your being becomes like a dead rock; and if you go on moving, you are like a lotus which goes on opening.