Science can never be a shelter for man. It can give you more comfort, convenience, a better standard of living, but it cannot give you a better quality of life — that is impossible. That can happen only through religion because religion helps you to feel at home, it gives you something certain to live for. It gives you a rock to build your temple upon — and that rock is trust. As your trust grows, your bliss grows. As your doubt grows, your tension grows, misery grows.

Doubt ultimately ends in anguish and anxiety. That’s why the scientific approach is bound to drive people crazy; it is driving the whole world crazy. And remember: I am not against science at all, but I would like man first to be centered in the heart and then to use science as a means. It can never be the goal, it can never be the end. It can only be a good servant, never the master.

Love has to be the master, doubt has to be its servant, then everything is in its right place. Otherwise doubt becomes the master; it starts encroaching upon the territory of love and trust, and it goes on destroying everything. It is like cancer           if it becomes a master. It has to be put in its place.

I am not against it, it has to be used. Science has to be used for human comforts, convenience. It benefits to humanity, but it can give many can never be enshrined as a god. That is not its business, but that’s what science has been pretending to do. That’s why the whole of humanity feel it is in a desert where all meaning has been lost. Life has become insignificant, worthless. At the most you can drag, but you cannot dance.

Through trust comes dance, celebration, bliss benediction.