Mind lives in doubt. Doubt is the climate which is essential for the mind to exist. In the same way, trust is the climate in which the heart grows. They are polar opposites. If one wants to live in the mind, one has to go on increasing one’s doubt. Then the whole effort should be how to sharpen doubt, how to make it absolute so that there is no way to come to any conclusion.

Science depends on doubt because science is a project of the mind; hence science never comes to any conclusions. At the most it comes to hypothetical conclusions. And whenever a conclusion is hypothetical, it is not conclusive. It simply means “for the time being”: we will sharpen our doubt more and more and then we will have to change it. So science is always approximately true, never exactly true. It cannot claim truth — that is not its territory.

Religion is just the opposite: it functions through trust, faith. It is a totally different approach toward life. It is an approach through love. That’s why religion comes to conclusions and it helps a person to become centered, to relax, to rest. With a hypothesis you can never rest, you can never be at ease. You know that it is only a hypothesis, tomorrow it is going to be changed. How can you make your home on such shifting sands?