My effort here is to bring a synthesis between the scientific approach and religious values. On the surface they look very contrary. But only on the surface. Deep down there is something which makes them complementary, not contradictory. Their fields are different. Science works in the objective world and religion in the subjective, but the approach is the same. Science is trying to know the truth about reality outside, and religion is trying to know the same truth about reality inside.

And of course, religion is working on a higher plane because the scientist may know many things about objects, matter, electricity, this and that, but will be completely unaware of himself. The scientist knows nothing about the scientist himself, but he knows everything about everything else.

This situation is very lopsided. Science will become perfect only when it accepts religion as the ultimate goal. And religion alone is not perfect either because you cannot just live on the inside. You need bread and you need clothes and you need all kinds of things that can only be provided by science.