Mind is always mediocre. Mind is never bright, never brilliant. By its very nature it cannot be. Mind is a dust collector. Mind means the past. It is always dead; it is nothing but an accumulation of memories. And how can dust be brilliant? How can the past be intelligent? It is dead. Only the living can have the quality of intelligence, brilliance.

Meditation is bright, brilliant, original. Mind is always repetitive, old; it is a junkyard. Nothing has been achieved through the mind. All that has been achieved has been achieved through meditation, not only in religion but even in science. Of course in science meditation is unconscious; meditative moments are just accidental in science, but all the breakthroughs have happened through intuitive gaps. They have not come through the mind but beyond the mind.

This is a confession by all of the great scientists: they are puzzled that whatsoever original contribution they have been able to make is not really their own. It comes from somewhere they know not. They are only vehicles, at the most mediums. But in religion, meditation is very deliberate and conscious. Religion practices meditation. In science it is accidental, in religion it is deliberate.