I was reading some lines of walt Whitman I love those lines! He was one of the most significant poets who ever walked on the earth. He says: “I celebrate myself, I sing myself, and ‘ what I assume you shall assume. For every atom belonging to me belongs to you as well.” That message of celebration is the message of all the seers, of all those who have known, and it is particularly my message.

Let your whole heart say, “I celebrate myself, I sing myself.” But remember, the self is not the ego, the self is something beyond the ego. The ego is your creation; the self is part of God, the self is part of the supreme self. The self does not make you a separate individual, it does not make an island of you. It keeps you one with the whole; hence the celebration, hence the joy, hence the ecstasy. Walt Whitman’s line defines my sannyas precisely. Remember this.

Love, bliss, celebration, God, truth, freedom – they are different aspects of the same phenomenon. Ego is dropped, you enter into a multidimensional reality which contains all these. But one certainly needs courage, one needs guts. Be courageous enough to live wholeheartedly, to live in tune with the infinite, with the eternal.