Bliss is a sun that rises within you. Ordinarily, man lives in a dark night, never knowing any dawn, never knowing any sunrise, Y   just stumbling in the darkness, falling here, falling there, getting wounded. If you look at man’s life, the whole of his life is simply a groping, and it is of absolute futility because through groping he never finds the door.

The door can be found only if your inner being becomes full of light, if the sun rises. It happens through meditation. Meditation is the beginning of the sunrise. It is an invitation for the sun to rise within you. It is inviting light. Meditation is inviting silence, peace. Ordinarily we never think of these things: peace, silence, stillness, light – and they are the real treasures. They constitute our real kingdom.

So from now onward, invite more and more peace, more and more silence, stillness. Don’t miss a single opportunity to be silent, to be still. Don’t miss a single opportunity to relax and look in. And one day it happens. It never happens gradually, it happens suddenly. You suddenly see the eastern hemisphere inside you becoming red; the sun is rising, the night is over. Then real life begins. ‘Then each moment is so precious, so ecstatic, that contains eternity. Then there is no past and no future, the present is all. Then one never dies, one is never born. One is always here and now.