My understanding is that the only way to praise God is through being blissful. It need not to be verbal – in fact, it can’t be verbal. Words are so futile so empty, words can’t contain it.

One has to praise God existentially. Every fiber of your being has to pulsate with joy, every cell of your being has to dance in prayer.

In fact, you become prayer itself. Only then are you in prayer. Then nothing is said and all is said. There is no need to go to the church or to the synagogue or to the temple. Then wherever you are, you are joyous – joyous for the simple reason that God has chosen you to be, that he has created you. Joyous that he has given you a chance, an opportunity to see the beauty of the world; to see this mysterious existence, to be a part of it, to partake of it, to drink from it, to be drunk with it. Words are very heavy things. They fall back to the earth, they can’t move beyond the earth. Only a silent joy can penetrate the ultimate reality.

So be cheerful, be blissful. And whenever you feel like praying, dance, sing. Forget about God. It is not a question of addressing him or talking to him – that is all nonsense. What can be said to God? What is there to say, except yes? And that can be said only by your dance, it cannot be said in any word. Words are so inadequate, they have their limitations. They are good for worldly use, but the moment you start moving into the other world, the world of the beyond, they become absolutely irrelevant.