Love has its own way of knowing. It is totally different from the ways      of the mind. For example, if you try to know a roseflower through the mind you will have to dissect it, and in dissecting it you will destroy its beauty. You will come to know about its chemistry, but you will miss its poetry, which was the real thing. You will kill the spirit and you will have only the corpse; hence that is not the right way to know a roseflower.

The right way is the way of the poet, the way of the lover, the way of the musician, the way of the dancer. If you are a musician you will sing a song, you will get in tune with the flower dancing in the wind, you will sit silently by the side of the flower and you will try to listen to its music.

Yes, there is music around it. It is very silent, but it is there. And there is poetry. It is not written in a book, but the very being of the flower, its whispering, its dancing, its playing with the rays of the sun, is all poetry, great poetry. If you can love the flower, you will be able to know the poetry, the music, the dance which is the soul of the flower. Certainly you will not know its chemistry, but you will know its very soul.

Existence has to be known through love, then you know God. God is nothing but existence approached through love.