– Very few people in the world are loving, that’s why there is so much misery. Everybody wants to be loving, everybody wants to be loved, but nobody learns the art of loving. It is a great art. You are born only with the potential, but the potential has to be transformed into the actual. It has to be made into a reality and the first requirement is becoming more alert.

People are unconscious; hence they want love. They want to love, but because they are unconscious, whatsoever they do is just the opposite. They destroy their own love, they destroy all possibility of love and then they are miserable. They blame fate, God-they blame everything, except themselves. The alert person will always blame himself because he with become aware of the fact that his desires and his actions are opposite to each other, they contradict each other.

Once you become more and more Watchful of your inner working, things become simple. Then a few things have to be dropped: one has not to be jealous if one wants to be loving. It becomes so clear that there is no question about it; you can simply see the point that if you are jealous, love is impossible. Jealousy is bound to create misery. Jealousy is part of the ego, the shadow of a shadow. And love needs egolessness; they can’t go together, they can’t co- exist.

If one chooses ego knowingly, then one drops the whole project of love and one accepts the misery. But then there is no question of being miserable about your misery. It is your doing, it is your choice. There is no point in making any fuss about it. Either you drop the ego and all its companions jealousy, domination Possessiveness and then love flows and there is bliss, or, you cling to the ego. Then love disappears, God disappears, and your life is nothing but hell.

The basic requirement is to be aware. The art of awareness becomes the art of love, becomes the art of bliss. That is the whole of religion.