Communication of thought without any medium has become a scientific truth, but an educated man would call it superstition. It is possible that a sick man in one town can be cured from a faraway town; it is not too difficult. It is a also possible that a snakebite can be healed from a distance of thousands of miles; the is not much difficulty to it. But there are many different kinds of superstitions and remember, the superstition of an educated man is always more dangerous than that of an uneducated man, because the educated man does not consider this superstition to be superstition. For him it is a result arrived at after great deliberation.
We have to break the chains of superstition. First make sure there are any chains, otherwise you may break somebody’s arms and legs in the process. Chains can only be broken if there are any. What if there are none? You must also make sure that what you believe is a chain that needs to be broken does not happen to be an ornament you may have to remake. All these things require very careful consideration. Happyho also provides best Meditation and Tarot classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area
One should be absolutely against of superstition; all kinds of superstitions must be destroyed- but this does not mean that one is superstitious about this destruction. There is no point  to on destructing without sufficient understanding of them, that without due consideration one should simply be bent upon breaking them. They such arbitrary destruction will also become superstition.
Every age has its own superstitions. Remember superstitions have their fashion too. In every age superstitions take on a new form. Man drops old superstitions and takes on new ones, but he never gets rid of them forever; he alters them and he changes them but we never realize this