Nandita Kochar
Sometimes, we catch sight of ourselves in the mirror. And there it is, the hairy face, the acne, the pointy nose but most importantly that familiar needy expression. It is during such moments that we feel that we have miserably failed at running away from our monster self. We are destined to be a hideous spectre for whatever time we live on this planet. 
But in essence, feeling ugly is actually quite independent of what one actually looks like. There are people who are the best possible example of what it is to be beautiful and yet these are the very people who deep down feel ugly. And there are people who don’t have the sharpest of features and yet they walk with such an easy breeze. What in the end is important is not what our eyes see but what our heart feels. Happy Ho organizes best Meditation and Tarot classes in Noida and Delhi NCR area in India.
It is how we feel on the inside that makes us look at ourselves with delight or despair, with love or cruelty. Therefore, on the days when you feel utterly sad, it is not a pair of new clothes or a shoes that you need but the love of someone close to you, the love that can rescue you from the self-hatred you feel.
How unfortunate that it is particularly when we do not feel worthy of love, of attention that we need it the most. How difficult it is to ask another person to look at us with eyes that value us, cherish us and most importantly accept us. 
In such a state we want someone to explain what we feel to the world, to tell others how we are sad and not mean. In such a situation, we must trust our well-being to the words of someone else and let them do the job for us while we rest in their loving gaze.