Nandita Kochar
Gautam Buddha decides to visit a town. When the holy master arrives, the people of the entire region are waiting for him to speak. But Buddha is waiting, waiting for a 13 year old girl who met him outside the town and asked him to wait for her. As soon as she was done feeding her father, she would run to the place where Buddha is to give his sermon. Happyho also provides best Meditation and Tarot classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area
The elderly of the town are getting impatient. They ask Buddha about that which is making him wait. He tells them about this girl and just then he sees the silhouette of her running towards him. “I am a little late, but you kept your promise. I knew you would keep the promise, you had to keep the promise because I have been waiting for you since I became aware. Maybe I was four years old when I heard your name. Just the name, and something started ringing a bell in my heart. And since then it has been so long – ten years maybe – that I have been waiting.”, she says.
“And you have not been waiting uselessly because you are the person who has been attracting me to this town”, says Buddha.
And with this, the girl asks him to initiate her and not keep her waiting anymore. During his sermon, not a single person except this girl asks to be initiated. Just her.
In the night when Buddha and his disciples are going to sleep, Buddha’s chief disciple Ananda asks him, “Before you go to sleep I want to ask you one question: do you feel a certain pull towards a certain space – just like a magnetic pull?”
And Buddha says, “Yes, I do. That’s how I decide my journeys. When I feel that somebody is thirsty – so thirsty that without me, there is no way for the person – I have to move in that direction.”
“The master moves towards the disciple.
The disciple moves towards the master.
Sooner or later they are going to meet.
The meeting is not of the body, the meeting is not of the mind. The meeting is of the very soul — as if suddenly you bring two lamps close to each other; the lamps remain separate but their flames become one.
Between two bodies when the soul is one, it is very difficult to say that it is a relationship. It is not, but there is no other word; language is really poor.
It is at-oneness.
Oneness of the master and the disciple.”