Shuddhaanandaa Brahmachari
Morning shows the day, so the saying goes! Let us fill our mind with love and gratitude for all the good things that have happened to our life. The more our minds are soaked in gratitude to God and those who helped us grow, more such vibrations of joy and success resonate through the day!
Morning shows the day! The universe is so eager to give us the best provided we are ready to receive. The way to receive is to tune our body mind with the all-pervading universal energy. Yoga, pranayama, and then a few minutes of quiet meditation time before we begin the hectic day, that is the way to go! Happyho also provide best Meditation classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
Morning shows the day! Let us become mindful that we are beginning a new journey. Bring the lessons and good memories of the past, and let the future blossom out of our awareness of the gift of life and the moment. Live it totally without any regrets!
Morning shows the day! Let every morning sing to us the celestial music of God’s love, for if we can move beyond the borders of our physical body, in the silence of our mind, true love blossoms. A good day lies ahead, celebrate it!
Morning shows the day! Let us fill the morning with the chant of the Holy Name of the Lord in our heart, that is the surest way to connect to our higher Self. Let the day be taken care by His Divine Grace! The peace and happiness surround us when we are aware of the present moment and grace that is our breath, our Prana, and our Divine connection! We are ever safe in His hands; we need to just affirm that truth till it becomes the natural state of our flow of life!
Morning shows the day! Morning is the time when we don’t get into the habit of rush and run. The nature is quiet, the air is fragrant, the birds are singing, and our inner nature too is waiting for our self-love. We stretch, breathe, and meditate to allow the whole universe to fill us with pure energy, affirm that only good lies before us, all is well in our life. We are healthy, in sync with the Divine, the Guru within!
Yes, morning shows the day! Once we practice waking up a little early and then sitting on the bed, filling the air and our heart with thoughts of gratitude and thankfulness while affirming a great day ahead, we are set for the day. Let our morning bring to us the message of one breath at a time, one step at a time, living with full zest and vibrancy, and leaving everything in the safe hands of Mother Divine. Let not the painful hurt of the past or anxieties of the unseen future steal our happiness in the Now!
You now have the seven sutras of emotional wellness and authentic happiness. If your day is spent well it is guaranteed that it will end well also. So this cycle can go on and on without any break creating positive emotional wellness.