Miracle healing by the Buddha of Compassion, Mother Kuan Yin 

I started my journey with Master Sha’s teachings by becoming a Tao Healing Hands Practitioner, a healing modality where we get a spiritual transmission in our hands, by which we become a channel of Tao, the Source, to serve people for all areas of their lives. I am so grateful that in less than a year into being a Tao Hands practitioner myself, I could encourage my 79 years old mother to also receive her Tao Hands transmission.

After Tao Healing hands, the next level of upliftment in Master Sha’s teachings is to experience the power of compassion by becoming a Kuan Yin Lineage holder. Mother Kuan Yin is the Buddha of compassion and I was guided ,that by aligning ourselves with her heart, learning the compassion mantra, “Da Bei Zhou”, we can increase our healing power and move forward in our spiritual journey. Da Bei Zhou is the names of 87 Buddhas and Boddhisatvas. So I readily grabbed the opportunity to learn the Da Bei Zhou, and a few months down the line, I was honored to become a Kuan Yin Lineage holder.

Kuan Yin’s full name is Kuan Shi Yin , which means one who observes and hears the voices of the suffering in the world, and jumps out to serve. He is well known as the thousand hands, thousand eyes Boddhisatva. There are countless heart-touching stories throughout history, from those who have called upon her, in times of need to restore health, save their lives and more.. I am sharing a very inspiring story with you here, around my mother’s soul alignment with Mother Kuan Yin.

Once I became a Kuan Yin Lineage holder, I encouraged my mother to listen to the Compassion mantra, “Da Bei Zhou”. I also asked her if she would like to learn the mantra , to which she said that in her golden years, at the age of 79, it seems too difficult, as it is a long mantra of 88 lines in a foreign language. Meanwhile she used to regularly attend weekly Da Bei Zhou chanting sessions as a listener.

Then the special day arrived, when a special event, “ Aligning with Mother Kuan Yin” was conducted. My mother honoured for the event, especially because the event was co- hosted by me, her daughter. Neither of us had imagined that the event would leave such an indelible mark on both of us.

For two days prior to attending this session, my mother was having acute pain in both her hands, to the extent that her fists were not opening and she could not carry any errands with her hands . She had not shared this with me at all earlier.

When the Kuan Yin event started and a blessing was offered, she made a request from her heart to Kuan Yin to relieve and transform her hand pain. As the mantra chanting was on, she felt a tingling sensation in her hands. And by the time the mantra chanting was over and the blessing was given, her hands became completely normal. She was filled with joy and tears of gratitude flowed !

This experience left her spell-bound about the immense healing power of “Da Bei Zhou” mantra. She instantly made a vow that she will do her best to learn the mantra, something that she had brushed aside as too difficult a task earlier. She mentions to me now that it almost seems that the hand pain manifested only to be healed by Mother Kuan Yin, to show her the path of opening her heart further to Kuan Yin’s Compassion mantra, Da Bei Zhou.

As her daughter , my joy knows no bounds as I feel blessed that my mother’s soul is being further aligned with my spiritual mother’s soul. One of the most fulfilling moments in our lives is when we can help transform people’s lives through the awakening of their soul.

As a student of Master Sha, world renowned Healer, our spiritual Father and Teacher, we feel elated and truly blessed when we can help introduce our own family members to his teachings.

I would encourage each and every one to open their hearts to Mother Kuan Yin, who is the Buddha of compassion and hears the cries of all Humanity !

Listen to the Da Bei Zhou mantra sung by Dr & Master Zhi Gang Sha