It was a serene late February afternoon at the lawns of Canada House in Lutyens’ Delhi. People were walking in the groups of two’s and three’s; friends, family members, professionals, homemakers, students. In nut shell people from all walks of life.
A small group of people of about a hundred of them, carefully chosen and invited by the Canadian High Commissioner to India His excellency Nadir Patel.
Occasion was the meditation session to be addressed by none other than Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, the master himself.
soon the lawns were filled with people eagerly waiting for the master to arrive. The air was filled with the afternoon warmth mixed with the water vapours filled in through the beautiful round fountain right in the middle of the lawns, separating the audience and the dais, where a group of musicians were playing Indian Classical music on Sitar and Tabla while Sidharth Bhatia was singing in his melodious soul soothing voice. Happyho also provide best tarot reading services in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
H H Sri sri Ravi Shankar arrived with the audience greeting him to a standing ovation. He captured the audience’s hearts right away. His jovial manner and ease with which he addresses people who are always looking up to him, makes him a very special person that he indeed is.
He expressed his views about the diversity of life and the world for a few minutes. And soon he decided that he is not going to lecture more, instead he suggested that the audience ask questions.
Promptly the master was bombarded with questions from all quarters. All sorts of question; from the mundane like how to live the life with full meaning to how to be not afraid of dying. He listened to all of them with a huge inspiring and infectious smile on his face and concluded with a big laughter, “I don not know the answer to any of these questions.”
And with this the heaviness of the atmosphere whatever there was, simply evaporated.
Now he suggested that instead of looking for answers to our questions, we should go into meditation may be that can answer a few of them. and everyone readily agreed to that.
Out of about a hundred people present there half of them had never meditated before.
He started the meditation with the simple words, “Relax. Relax your body.”
And with this he gradually walked everyone as if holding their hands into a meditating state with so much ease and surprisingly unobtrusively.
The meditation that he started with the intent to last for ten minutes lasted for twenty thee minutes and eleven seconds.
And yes, everyone even those who had never meditated before and the ones who complained that they find it difficult to meditate were able to meditate too.
With this session over, everyone at peace with themselves, the master invited the audience for the high tea that was laid in the lawns itself hosted by His excellency and his wife.