And for the wanderer, how long is the road wandering through many lives! Let him rest. Let him not suffer. Let him not fall into suffering.

And how long have you been wandering! When are you going to decide to be awake? You have slept long enough. It is time to wake up and to start a totally new kind of life which is lived from inside. Light a flame inside of awareness, and then wherever you are it is all joy.

You need rest, you have wandered enough. You are tired, utterly tired, weary, bored. Happy Ho organizes best Meditation and Tarot classes in Noida and Delhi NCR area in India.

The time is right now. Don’t suffer anymore. Don’t fall again and again into suffering. To fall into forgetfulness is suffering; to remember is to come out of suffering. And rest is the most necessary step for remembering, for awareness. Relaxation is the whole art of meditation and bliss both.

How can you rest with so many desires? They go on pulling you apart. You can rest only if you learn the secret of desirelessness; if you learn to live moment to moment without any future; if you learn to live without any hope for the future; if you live concentratedly in the present, totally involved in the moment, neither worried by the past nor worried by the future, relaxed, at rest. Then meditation and bliss both are easy, a spontaneous growth out of a restful heart, out of a relaxed being.