Today the world media is talking about the possibility of Aliens descending on the Earth. This possibility excites people in both the
positive and the negative way. Most of us feel certain thrill that we would be able to see how the life evolved on other planets and how we would relate and communicate with life on other planets. Happy Ho also provides best Meditation classes and yoga classes in Noida and Delhi NCR area in India.

There is another group of people on Earth who is very suspicious and full of fear, thinking that Aliens will attack the earth and kill us. The Scientific American news says …that we will eventually discover life beyond the bounds of our planet. To true believers, what may be more uncertain is whether or not such news would cause global panic—which depends on how our minds, so greatly influenced by our Earthly environment and society, would perceive the potential threat of something utterly outside our familiar context.

Express, UK newspaper comments: Humanity “will take it well” when aliens are found according to an expert, which comes after 100 planets orbiting stars outside of our solar system were discovered and could be home to extraterrestrial life.

And a reader says: The bigger question should be will Aliens be sympathetic to Humans if there are found to be highly developed people from another world? And it’s all very well talking about microbes and stuff but would we be wise to import unknown critters, no matter how seemingly humble, into our already polluted world I wonder?

New York Times reports: In a separate study, 500 different participants were asked to write about their own hypothetical
reactions and humanity’s hypothetical reaction to an announcement that extraterrestrial microbial life had been discovered. Participants’ responses also showed significantly more positive than negative emotions, both when contemplating their own reactions and those of humanity as a whole.

In India, nobody is even bothered about life on other planets, or the possibility of Aliens descending on the earth. We have our own Aliens amongst us, who were born in Mother India, and flourished here escaped with all the wealth they could manage to loot. So there is no need to worry or fear the possibility of any invasion by Aliens from other planets–we are fully capable of giving birth to Aliens on our holy land.

Hindustan Times tells us: “An 18-month-old girl was raped on Monday afternoon by her father’s friend who was tasked with babysitting her at their home in an urban village in south Delhi.” Such things are very alien to our culture, and such things are rampant in India. Just look around and you will find so many Aliens walking around in the human form. The population explosion has given birth to more Aliens here than humans.

In such a situation, there is a real urgency to meditate and create a loving atmosphere in which all of us live like human beings. Osho suggests: Now is the time to meditate. If love and meditation go together, you will have both wings, you will have a balance. Love and meditate, meditate and love, and slowly, slowly you will see a new harmony arising in you. Only that harmony will make you contented.

Let us be Humans first.