Have you observed that whenever you are tense you will sigh…Ahhh and you feel relaxed. Or whenever you are in joy, overjoyed you say AHHH the whole breath is thrown out and you feel within a tranquility that you have never felt. Try this: when you feeling very good, take the breath in and then see what you feel. You cannot feel the t well-being that comes with AHHH…. It is coming because your breath going out.
So languages differ, but these two things never differ, All over the world, whenever some feels tired he will AHHH…..REally he is calling for death to come and relax him. Whenever one feels overjoyed, blissful he says AHHH…. He is so overfilled with joy that he is not afraid of death now. He can relieve himself completely, real completely. Happyho also provides best Meditation and Tarot classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area
And what will happen if you go on trying it ? You will become fully aware of something within you – the spontaneousness of your being, of Sahaj of being spontaneous. That t you are already, but you are too much engaged with life, too much occupied with life. You cannot become aware of the being which is behind.
When you are not occupied with life, with the incoming breath, the bean behind is revealed; there is a glimpse. But the glimpse will become, by and by a realisation. And once it is known you cannot forget it – and this is not something which you are creating. That is why is spontaneous, it is not something you are creating. It is there, you have simply forgotten. It is remembrance it is a rediscovery.
Try to see children, very small children taking their breaths. They take them in a different way. Look at a a child sleeping. His belly come up and dow not the chest. If you are sleeping and you are being observed you chest come up and down; your breath never goes down to the belly. The breath can do down to the belly only if you exhale and do inhale. If you inhale and do not exhale, the breath cannot go down to the belly. The reason why goes to the belly is that when one exhales, the whole breath is thrown out and then the body take it in. And the body take only that amount which is needed – never more never less.
The body has its own wisdom, and it is more wise than you. Do not disturb it. You can take more – then it will be disturbed. You can take less – then it will be disturbed. The body has its own wisdom it only takes that amount which is needed. When more is needed, it creates the situation, When less is needed, it creates the situation. It never goes to the extreme, it is always balanced. But if you inhale it is never balanced, because you do not know what you are doing, you do know what is the need of the body. And the need changes every moment.
Allow the body! you just exhale, you just throw it out and then the body will take breath in – and it will take it deeply and slowly and the breath will go down to the belly, It will hit the navel point exactly and your belly will go up and down.