Budha is staying on the outskirts of a village. Thousands of Budha followers have gathered to meet him. The king of the village too arrives. When he reaches near the mango grove he becomes suspicious.

He comes out of the mango grove and tells his ministers, “I feel there is some mischief here. Because you are saying that there are thousands of people gathered here but I do not hear any voices. How can that be? you say that they are there just across this mango grove but there is no noise. I am suspicious. “

He took out his sword in anticipation.

His ministers assured him that there is nothing to be scared of. That he should not worry. Only one person here speaks. Everyone else simply listen to him. Only the Budha speaks and all listen to him. And as he is not speaking right now so all you can listen to is the silence of the jungle. So, do not be scared and move ahead to meet Budha himself. Happyho also provide best Meditation classes and yoga classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.

But the king is “Ajatshatru’. Sometimes the names are quite misleading. His name is Ajatshatru, meaning the one whose enemy has never been born. Although the very same man can find the possibility of a foe even in the silence of the jungle.

So he went into the Mango grove holding his sword high, fearing an attack from some possible invisible enemies.

When he entered the grove all he could see was thousands of Budha followers sitting in pin drop silence and Budha himself sitting under the shade of a tree.

Bewildered, he put his sword back and asked Budha'” why is there this silence? why no one is asking you any questions? why are there no discussion? Do you spend you days and nights in this silence only?”

Budha said, ” These people come to me to be in my company. If they speak then they will be in their own company. They come to me to destroy themselves and be. They do not even are present here. They are in this jungle the way I am. Without being me. As being a vacuum. They are in the process of being a vacuum themselves. The day they will reach that state, they will understand me. Whatever I want to say to them can only be said through silence. Even when I use the word I do it to make them understand about the futility of the word. To be able to silent. To take them to the world of silence by holding their hand. Then I use the silence to take them to the truth. There is no way through the word to reach the kingdom of the truth. Through the word one can reach to the realm of silence. The journey beyond the silence begins from the silence itself. “

The relevance of the word is only till the time you understand that the silence is the ultimate, till the time that you understand that you have to be silent from within to be able to take your first step towards the realm of truth. Being in Budha’s presence and being able to understand his silence is the beginning of the journey towards the realm of the truth.