Some people view life as a battleground; if they don’t win, they leave the field with an extremely disheartened face and maintain this attitude until they win again. Others see life as an adventure where each day brings new opportunities to help the self grow. We all have our varying understanding of life. And most often than not, this understanding stems from popular metaphors that we heard while growing up. These metaphors offer as a source of guidance, motivation and encouragement. 

Let’s have a look at some of these common metaphors and how they can be used to inspire you in your daily life –

1. Battle

You may view your life as a battle where each day you either win or lose. There is nothing in the middle. You keep juggling between the two extremes and often find yourself craving for the win when you lose. If this is how you view your life, then it might be time for you to realise that life is not always about being on either one of the poles, sometimes you have to land up somewhere in the middle and be at peace with it. For instance, being happy because you won a competition and sad because your best friend lost to you. Life is not always black or white, it most usually is grey.  Happy Ho organizes best Meditation and Tarot classes in Noida and Delhi NCR area in India.

2. Mission

Viewing your life as a mission can take both a positive or a negative turn. You could either believe that you possess talents and gifts that you wish to share with the world for its betterment while simultaneously learning from others about their positives. Or you could believe that your talents and skills are the most supreme and that only they must be propagated. So you could start imposing what you believe on others.

3. Journey

For those who take to this metaphor, life is nothing but a long road with no end. Here, it is not the destination that matters because there isn’t any one ultimate end, but it is the journey that matters. Some days, the road is smooth and on other days, the path could not be more uneven. Some days, the sun shines bright as you take your steps and on the other, the path is flooded in water. It is the nature of these paths that determines the beauty of life and not the hunt for getting to the destination. Because who knows, once you are at  what you thought was your destination, you might start craving for some more walking and determine another end to this road. So like we said life is a long road with no end in sight. 

4. Building

You can only live inside a building once it has a firm foundation which would not shake in case of any calamity. You can only build the upper levels once the lower ones are secure. You can only step inside a home once its walls have been secured. So in life, you can you always start by securing the lowest and only then you move towards the highest. 

This was our list of metaphors of life. Tell us yours in the comment section below!