I did a 10-day Vipassana Meditation Retreat

I completed a 10 day VIPASSANA MEDITATION RETREAT… Here’s what I learned. Don’t do a Vipassana retreat without watching this… Subscribe for more: https://bit.ly/2ZpFz37 Join our newsletter: https://betweenthelines.media/youtube The Vipassana meditation is a method that involves scanning your body. Starting from the crown of your head, and recognizing different sensations throughout your body. Realizing that everything rises, and everything passes away. We know this intellectually, but the goal of the meditation is to understand this through experience. Anger will fade. Sadness will fade. Happiness will fade. Everything is constantly transforming. When you take a 10 day Vipassanā meditation retreat, you are taking a vow of noble silence. You will not be allowed to kill, steal, or lie. You cannot have any sexual misconduct. With the goal being to maintain our Sila, or morality. This video I dive into what goes into a 10 day meditation retreat, what you’re going to learn, and how the Vipassana technique has helped me. I hope that you enjoy my story of all that I learned doing a 10-day VIPASSANA Meditation Retreat