The practice of Vipassana believes that the locus of control for one’s anger lies inside a being, not inside. From the standpoint of Vipassana, when one comes across something undesirable, it results in a sensation in the body. After feeling this sensation, one reacts with anger. If using Vipassana one learns how to be a mere observer to what’s happening in one’s mind and body and not actively react, then this anger can be resolved. 

Vipassana allows one to develop the ability of observing all the different kinds of sensations which one experiences on different parts of the body from time to time and remain neutral by not reacting to them. The old route involved you feeling pleasant sensations and then reacting with craving and clinging and when you would feel unpleasant ones you would react with anger and hatred. Vipassana teaches you to observe each sensation, both pleasant and unpleasant, objectively and remain neutral with the acceptance and understanding that every sensation has the quality of coming and going. No sensation stays permanently. Happy Ho organizes best Meditation and Tarot classes in Noida and Delhi NCR area in India.

Even if one is unable to feel this unpleasant sensation immediately, maybe after a few minutes one starts realizing that by giving a blind reaction of anger one is making the unpleasantness even more intense, thereby making oneself even more miserable. As soon as one acknowledges this fact one starts coming out of anger. With the practice of Vipassana this period of realization of misery pertaining to unpleasant sensation becomes bigger and bigger and a time comes when one instantly becomes aware of the truth of the harm that one is causing to oneself by generating anger. This is the only way to liberate oneself from this mad habit of reacting with anger.

By learning how to observe, one changes the habit of reacting without much thought. It takes time to learn how to respond and not react; with continous Vipassana meditation, the period spent being angry becomes lesser and lesser. 

One may also learn how to distract oneself when one becomes angry. But this is like scooping the first layer of the situation. Deep down one continues to experience burning anger. The avoidance, the act of running away does not help. Vipassana teaches you how to come face to face with your anger. By observing the reality of the unpleasant sensations in the body, one is not diverting one’s  attention somewhere else nor is one suppressing his/her anger to the unconscious levels of the mind. As one keeps on observing the sensations like a mere observer one will notice that the anger that has arisen naturally become weaker and weaker and ultimately passes away.

When the barrier between the surface and the deeper levels of the mind is broken by the Vipassana practice the entire mind becomes open to understanding the law of impermanence and the habit, the pattern of blind reaction at the deeper level begins to unfold and change.This is the way to liberate yourself from the misery of anger as per Vipassana.