Making use of the next 3 weeks may seem like an enormous task, sitting heavily on your chest. What can you do that does attend to both your mental and physical needs in a healthy manner, what can you do that does not make things worse? Well, here’s a few things that Team Happy Ho recommends!

TimingsWhat to do
6am to 7amWake up (more like rise and shine), brush your teeth for a bright radiant smile!
7am to 8amLook up beginners Yoga & Meditation videos on Youtube and kick start your journey in a slow and gentle manner. Get some of those happy neurotransmitters released into your system! 
8am to 9amTake a nice bath, followed by assisting in the preparation of the breakfast and then devouring the food!
9am to 10amSit down with your family for a conversation, talk about anything but current affairs. Take your mind off the coronavirus for a while. The more you speak about it, the bigger it will grow on you; bigger than needed.
10am to 11amClean your house! Put some peppy numbers while you mop the dust away! Remember, the cleaner your surroundings, the cleaner your mind. 
11am to 12pmHelp in the preparation of lunch. Do your bit whether it’s cutting the vegetables or stirring the dish!
12pm to 1pmCall your friends and loved ones.
1pm to 2pmHave your lunch, lighter than the breakfast
2pm to 3pmNap time! Make sure that you are in complete darkness for the sleep hormone to be released.
3pm to 4pmNetflix! You can watch lighter shows, including favourite cartoons from childhood or contemporary shows. Make sure to keep it light and laughable!
4pm to 5pmTime to pull out your mat and meditate, again!
5pm to 6pmTea time with family!
6pm to 7pmExercise time, you can walk a little on an empty terrace or engage in board games.
7pm to 8pmHelp in dinner preparation, chef!
8pm to 9pmHog onto that food you cooked! Just kidding, take your food in light amounts.
9pm to 10pmComplete your end of day activities. This could include a short walk or tuning into some music or writing your journal.
10pm to 6amSleep!

You may personalize the above mentioned routine, to fit your own needs. Just remember that the end result needs to be healthy for you! And you thought you’d run out of things to do? See how you are busy as ever! If you can follow it even for a day, give yourself a nice pat on the back!

All the very best!