They were around 50 of them. Playing and dancing with an equal number of balloons. Balloons of all colours dancing in the highly charged air around them. Finally they touched the peak and they began cracking balloons dancing over them. Air was filled with their hearty laughter and the blasts of balloons.
Yes, these were the top and middle management team of Liberty being treated to a fun filled NLP and mindfulness session by Happy Ho.
It started with NLP Master trainer Ashish Sehgal bringing them into his fold by motivational speech. The group had undergone a rigorous marketing strategy session for two days prior to that. The idea was to send them home fully charged, motivated, happy, energetically vibrating with good feelings for all. Happyho also provide best tarot reading services in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
Soon the group was interacting and sharing their life experiences, ideas and visions about their work, family and extended family that included Liberty group.
They played different games under the guidance of NLP trainer Ms. Maheshwari. Whose infectious energy took them over with a storm.
By the time the NLP session came to its conclusion the group was singing and dancing with complete abandon.
Now was the time to channelise this high level of positive energy inwards so that the similar experience could be initiated within their souls.
Jwalant Swaroop Happy Ho CEO and mindfulness expert took the reins in his expert hands.
He swept them off the floor with a beautiful thought that how they step into their fathers shoes and gradually how they feel those shoes to be the shoes of Liberty CEO Mr. Bansal’s shoes to feel the responsibility of that large extent.
With this thought the session ended. vlog
The participants were all in a state of love for all. They exchanged rose buds amongst each other, hugged each other , joked heartily, thanked Happy Ho team profusely and dispersed for lunch.