The word ‘Guru’ is untranslatable, Neither does the word ‘Teacher’ nor the word ‘Master’ have that beauty. In fact the phenomenon of the guru is so deeplyIndian that no other language of any country is capapble of translating it. It is something intrinsically Eastern.

The word Guru is made of two words ‘Gu’ and ‘Ru’. Gu means darkness, ‘Ru’ means one who dispels it. Guru literally means ‘The Light’

And you have the light within you, yes! If you come across a Buddha or Jesus or a Krishna or a Mahavir, it will be of tremendous help to you in finding your inner guru because seeing Buddha, suddenly a great enthusiasm and hope will arise in you, the same body the same blood, bone marrow- if it can happen to this man, why not me? The hope is the begining.

Meeting with the master on the outside is beginning of a great hope, a great aspiration.