Smiling is such a blissful experience! Today as I woke up I smiled to myself as my first gift to me! Then I smiled to the morning, to the chirping birds, to the golden aura of the sun, to my Beloved Guru and Mother Divine. I could not stop it a mild smile remained with me as I went on to attend to my morning yoga and other rituals and chores. It was such a wonderful experience. Deep inside the Divine spoke to me, look up, look around; the whole universe is smiling with you!! Lo! I felt that! The mind with its memories of pleasant and unpleasant thoughts came passing, and I let them all have the gift of my smiles without a judgment.
I loved the experience, and loving it more when I am smiling to all of you as my fingers dance on the keyboard!
I see your smiles!!
Shuddhaanandaa Brahamchari