Millions of people live at the lowest center sex. Hence the work of a sannyasin begins at the sex center because the energy is there. I don’t condemn sex because it is energy. We just have to move it upward. And it can be moved upward only if you have a deep respect for it, if you have affection for it, if you are friendly with it.

All the religions of the world teach antagonism toward sex energy. And once you become antagonistic to sex energy, you lose all track of spiritual growth because you lose contact with your own energy source. You become uprooted from your own source. That’s why your saints look dead and dull, so stupid and unintelligent. They don’t have the flavor and the fragrance of one who has arrived. They are burdened with guilt because whatsoever they have been condemning is still there; you cannot get rid of your sex energy just by condemning it.

The only way to get rid of it is to transform it to a higher plane, so that it disappears from the lower. And as you move higher, you become more and more blissful. As you move higher, you feel more bliss, more peace, more silence, more tranquility, more centeredness; you are simply joyous for no reason at all.