In the morning when the sun is just about to rise , there should be singing , dancing – just as birds dance and trees sway in the wind and everybody is agog , waiting for the sun to come on the horizon , and then suddenly the sun come is a welcoming song , the most beautiful song because it is the beginning of the day , the beginning of a new day , a new birth. In the East , we have thought that going to sleep every night is a small death . It is , because in sleep you completely forget who you are . If you die in your sleep you will never know when you died or whether you were even alive . So sleep is small death , a mini – death .

And every morning is a mini – birth , a new birth , and you have to praise existence – it has given you another day . We are not worthy , we have wasted yesterday , all the yesterdays . But it is generous , it has given us one more chance to try again , to live , to rejoice , to be total.