Just as there is a sun on the outside , there is a sun inside too . The outside sun rises and sets , but the inside sun is always there . It never rises , it never sets- it is eternal . Unless we know the inner light and the source of it , we live in darkness .

Make every possible effort to move inward . In the beginning it is arduous , but only in the beginning . It is just like learning any art. Learning to swim is difficult in the beginning , but once you know the knack , it is so easy that one wonders later on why it was so difficult . One can simply float in the river . No need to do anything . And that’s how it starts happening inside . Just in the beginning there is a little effort involved , a little struggle . Soon one can simply float in the river that moves inward . And it takes you to deeper and deeper realms of bliss , to more and more light , to eternity , to godliness .