There are people who go on collecting old scriptures, the older the scriptures are , the better they are thought to be . There are people who collect money , and all kinds of stupidities go on … These people are really searching for their own ancient most treasure , but searching in the wrong direction . Going to Everest , man is really trying to find the highest peak of consciousness , but his whole effort is misplaced . Going to the moon is really symbolic man wants to explore his own moon energy , his own silent energy , the moon represents silence . peace , the feminine inside . But rather than going there he will go to the moon . All these efforts are doomed to fail . But before one effort fails , we have already planned another , and in this way we go on moving from one failure to another . Death simply closes a long series of failures . Even those we think of as successful people are not really successful . Alexander the Great or Napoleon , or Ivan the Terrible all those who have made great conquests , deep down are very miserable because they know perfectly well that death is approaching. All that they have gathered is bound to be taken away 40 what is the point of it all ? It is simply pointless. The only treasure worth searching for is your own nature . The real adventure is to go within yourself .